Highland Heights Foundation is a non-profit farm serving central Indiana. We believe Everyone deserves to have a good job; everyone deserves to eat well. Our mission is to serve impoverished individuals and families through workforce development and food access. Click the link below to find out more.

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HOOSIERS face food insecurity
of food insecure individuals in Indiana are Children
of individuals sought food assistance for the first time in 2020

Join our Volunteer Corp

We are open to the public for volunteering opportunities in our fields and on our grounds! Come, volunteer, help feed folks in need, and see all that Highland Heights Foundation has to offer for families and individuals alike!

Make a difference and help others have good jobs & good food.

Kay is a single mom, living in transitional housing and unable to find a job that would allow her the flexibility to attend her recovery classes and still have time to see her young daughter. Most of the available shifts are 12 hours long, or overnight shifts and there is no childcare available overnight.

Sarah has a history of mental illness due to trauma in her early childhood. Now in early recovery, a mom herself, she struggles to maintain employment due to lengthy weekly therapeutic sessions. With limited SSID benefits each month, she no longer qualifies for food assistance and relies heavily on food banks, but she is not able to get fresh produce at any of the local food banks. Her family primarily eats pre-packaged pasta and noodles and her health suffers from the lack of fresh food.

Jared is a single parent, attending classes and working full time. His children are in foster care, and due to mandatory court appearances during working hours he lost his job. He was unable to pay his rent and was evicted. Now homeless and jobless, he struggles to see his children on a regular basis due to job interviews and a search for appropriate housing.