Def: a salad made with vegetables that are commonly grown in a garden (such as lettuce, tomato, and cucumber)

A garden salad is not pretentious. It does not care what it is made of. The garden salad is simple and easy to make. The garden salad as a concept is fluid and changes like the seasons. Should I go on?

For these reasons and more I think the simple garden salad is the best salad one can make. Webster defined the salad as containing common vegetables grown in the garden. The good news is that could mean anything. I can’t write you a recipe on the salad because it could change based on what vegetable are available. To make this simple salad start with a lettuce base and then let your imagination go wild! Look in your refrigerator or better yet, if you have a garden, look out and see what you have available and throw it in. It is that simple!

All to often we might look at fresh produce and think “I have no idea how to use this.” For the garden salad it is simple just throw it in. That is why I think the garden salad is the best because it is simply easy and accessible. One of our missions at Highland Heights Foundation is to educate about the uses of the different types of produce that we grow. We want to help you learn how to use the produce to not only to get the nutrition our bodies need but to create wonderful tasting meals in the process. Food can be exciting and fun. Go try it for yourself!