From the Field

I can honestly say after last week I am glad it is starting to cool off. One of our greenhouses registered 144 degrees on one of the hottest days last week.

We would like to invite you to come out to the farm on Saturday, September 25th and get your hands dirty and farm with us for the day. We are prepping for a larger than normal planting that will be ready to harvest for Thanksgiving. We will do a fall clean-up in the large greenhouse and plant all in one day, and we would love for you to join us and lend a hand. We know the demand for food will increase with the holidays approaching and we want to supply local food pantries with plenty of fresh greens for Thanksgiving. We do not want a single local family to go in need, but we need many hands for planting to make this happen. Bring work gloves, dress comfy with closed shoes, and plan to join us for as much time as you have available, we will be here 10-4pm. All hands little and big are more than welcome to join in on the festivities and make a difference towards lowering food insecurities this fall.

As the seasons change so do things here at the farm. We have been able to meet many fantastic people in the community, and have been able to partner with many church food pantries and community food programs within our service area. Most of our time is spend raising awareness about the farm and our mission. You can make a big difference by doing something small such as sharing with others through our Facebook page, website, promotional materials or invite them to our Thanksgiving Planting mentioned above.

It takes many volunteers to run a farm and we certainly can not do it without you! We appreciate your hard work. We have been busy preparing for winter. Just a few weeks ago we had our hay bailed and stacked in the barn for our animals, our pastures have to be constantly mowed and maintained, and the vast multitude of garden beds have to be managed.

Thanks again for you support!

Thanksgiving Planting – Volunteer Day

September 25th from 10 am – 4 pm.

Join us for a fall clean up and large planting for Thanksgiving Harvest! We want to supply local pantries with plenty of fresh greens for Thanksgiving for local families in need.

Bring work gloves, dress comfy with closed shoes, and plan to join us for an hour or two to clean up the greenhouse and plant enough crops for a large harvest just in time for Thanksgiving.

Invite your friends using the link above. Hope to see you there!


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