From the Field

We currently have 720 heads of lettuce growing for a Thanksgiving harvest. All of the produce grown is headed to special thanksgiving meals dedicated to those in need as well as food pantries within our community. It takes $50 of seeds to grow 300 plants. Those seeds can go on to feed 100 people. Please consider giving through a one time donation or monthly so that with your help we can reduce food insecurity; fifty percent of which are children. Give today by using the button below.

A shout out to the FFA chapter in Missouri who spent several hours with us last week learning about the the Foundation and our farming methods that we use. Also, many thanks to those who made it out to our volunteer day last month. We had a great time meeting all of you, had a good time and got lots of work done too. We managed to get the greenhouse cleaned back up and also managed to get everything planted for our Thanksgiving harvest.

Thanks again for your support!

Evan and Autumn

“Sarah has a history of mental illness due to trauma in her early childhood. Now in early recovery, a mom herself, she struggles to maintain employment due to lengthy weekly therapeutic sessions. With limited SSID benefits each month, she no longer qualifies for food assistance and relies heavily on food banks, but she is not able to get fresh produce at any of the local food banks. Her family primarily eats pre-packaged pasta and noodles and her health suffers from the lack of fresh food.”

People like Sarah are directly impacted by your gift. Your gift has a lasting impact on families and your local community right here in central Indiana. Donate today and share our vision of healthy people and communities.


Combat some of the greatest uncertainties in life. Please donate today and help remove barriers to employment and food access.