This policy covers submitting complaints when potentially illegal behaviors are taking place, as well as a guarantee of employee protection for making such complaints. Questions regarding the Employee Protection and Whistleblower Policy may be directed to the Chief Operating Officer, or to any immediate supervisor.

If any employee reasonably believes that some policy, practice, rule, and/or city, county, state and federal law has been violated purposefully, or by omission, a written complaint may be filed by that employee with the Executive Director or the Board President. This complaint should include:

  • A description of the problem, including any practices, policies, rules or laws that the employee believes have been violated. Please note that an employee need not allege that specific policies or rules have been broken to file a complaint.
  • A summary of the facts supporting the staff member’s position, possibly including a time- line explaining the background of the situation.
  • Any other information the employee believes is pertinent.

It is Highland Heights Foundation’s intent to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations, and the underlying purpose of this Employee Protection and Whistleblower Policy is to support the organization’s goal of legal compliance. The support of all employees is necessary to achieving compliance.

An employee is protected from retaliation only if the employee brings the alleged unlawful activity, policy, or practice to the attention of Highland Heights Foundation. The protection described below is only available to employees that comply with this requirement.

Highland Heights Foundation will not retaliate against an employee who in good faith, has made a protest or raised a complaint against some practice of the
organization, or of another individual or entity with whom Highland Heights Foundation has a business relationship, on the basis of a reasonable belief
that the practice is in violation of law, or a clear mandate of public policy.

No action will be taken against employees for voicing concerns in good faith.

No action may be taken or threatened by management against any employee for asking questions, voicing concerns, or making complaints or suggestions in conformity with the procedures described above, unless the employee acts with willful disregard of the facts.

Highland Heights Foundation will not retaliate against employees who disclose or threaten to disclose to a supervisor or a public body, any activity, policy, or practice of the organization that the employee reasonably believes is in violation of a law, rule or regulation mandated pursuant to law or is in violation of a clear mandate of public policy concerning the health, safety, welfare, or protection of the environment.

This employee protection policy was adapted from Nonprofit Risk Management Center, a nonprofit providing assistance and resources for community-serving nonprofit organizations.