Be a light to help folks who have experienced incarceration and/or addiction and who are now in Recovery, to become empowered, create new sustainable career paths, and ultimately hold healthier futures.

You can make a one-time or recurring monthly donation to be a part of growing more pathways for folks to get back onto their feet, and maintain sobriety.


Below are 4 different ways that you can help provide fresh produce to help eliminate food insecurity through local food banks and our employment program. Every $3 you can give, provides a meal for someone in need.

Adopt a Row

Feeds 75 People

Adopt a Hoop House

Feeds 1,440 People

Adopt a Garden Bed

Feeds 2,175 People

Adopt a Greenhouse

Feeds 9,000 People

What’s a row worth?

In an average planting season at the farm, there are 148 rows spanning 75 feet, which produce 11,100 pounds of nutritious food a year to individuals and families in need, along with our Production Assistants in recovery.

Our greenhouse can produce even more growing fresh produce all year-round, producing an additional 9,000 pounds of fresh greens.

What’s a row worth? 1 ft = 1 lb = 1 person!

Here’s the breakdown:

Average Row

75 ft = 75 lbs

75 People

Hoop House: 20 Rows

1,440 ft = 1,440 lbs

1,440 People

Garden Bed: 29 Rows

2,175 ft = 2,175 lbs

2,175 People

Greenhouse: 9 Harvests / year

9 * 1,000 lbs/harvest = 9,000 lbs

9,000 People